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Portfolio Shoot

Let’s face it – if someone looks at your photos and comments on the outfit – you have failed.

Your portfolio is designed to sell you – not the clothing, definitely not jewelry, and definitely not the makeup or photographers creativity.

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Which venue can we use for our photo shoot?
Anywhere you like, subject to approval by the venue in question. Each venue has its own charm and makes for creative images. If you are unsure of where to go, we can suggest venues to you.

What about props?
Each venue has its own personal flavour, and I utilise the settings as backdrops, from tractors and fences to gates and trees, barns and rocky outcrops to boats and lakes. You’re also welcome to bring any of your own props, such as cowboy hats and guitars, and umbrellas and gumboots.
What if there are entrance fees to the venue?
You are responsible to pay all entrance / venue
fees, including for entrance fees for the photographer.

What clothes should I wear?
Wear something comfortable, preferably casual or smart casual. This will allow you the freedom to have some fun as we get creative on your photo shoot.

If it is a group photo shoot, check that the colours you all wear don’t clash. t’s a good idea to wear clothes with styles and colours that complement each other. For example, you might all wear casual clothing with a touch of blue somewhere, or you might all wear blue jeans.

Avoid white, especially on bright summer days. Colours such as pink, red, yellow and blue always look bright and cheerful in a photo… Ultimately though, dress in a colour that suits you.