Capturing memories, one frame at a time


The Perfect Choice for your Perfect day…If you want straight forward boring Photos…YOU arrived at the wrong Photographer. Creativity outside the norm. I want people to say “WOW your wedding was different” when they look at your Photos.

What packages do you offer?

Several packages are available allowing you to choose one to suit your dreams and your budget. Refer to the ‘Weddings sub-tabs for packages.

What is your style?

My style is creative, spontaneous and romantic. There may be times I ask you to run and jump, dance or give each other piggy backs. At other times I’ll ask you to kiss and holding hands. My top priority is to creatively capture the details, emotions and moments that tell the story of your special day.

What about garden poses and props?

Each venue has its own personal flavour, and I utilise the settings as backdrops, from gates to swings, trees to buildings and archways. You’re also welcome to bring any of your own props, such as top hats and balloons, wineglasses and champagne, or coloured umbrellas.

How long will you be there to take photos?

This depends on the package you select, however you may stipulate at what time your contracted hours begin. For the full day package, where two photographers are available, we arrive early to capture details of the venue and the dressing of the bride and groom, and remain until the main events at the reception are complete and the dancing gets fully underway. For safety reasons when travelling, I prefer to leave by 9pm or 10pm latest.

How many photos do you take?

You will receive 500 photos, if not more, depending on the hours we are there. These photos cover every aspect of your day, from the tiny details to the main events and the emotions running through it all – more than enough to remember and treasure each moment.

What do our guests do while the bridal shoot is underway?

We can discuss various options… I prefer taking the couple away from the rest, so if you can plan around this… It will help. Lets sit down and discuss what we can do!

Do you take table photos?

Yes, we can do this if you wish. We suggest you ask the venue to set up a sofa in the corner of the reception hall. As each table is called for supper, they first have their photos taken. At this time, if you like, re-use your photo booth props for some fun photos!

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